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Debrief app

Powerful, free, fast and intuitive. The Debrief Maritime Analysis Tool accelerates maritime data analysis and reporting. Over twenty years of visionary development make us the first choice of effective analysts the world over.

Deep Blue C is pleased to offer a range of Debrief support options, from an ongoing support contract that will ensure your analysts maintain their momentum, to bespoke development contracts that enhance Debrief capabilities and allow fresh analysis perspectives or integration with third party systems.

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SubTrack90 app

Targeted at a specific set of skills, SubTrack90 has been designed from the ground-up to build passive sonar skills amongst junior sonar operators.

This traditionally dry body of training has been gamified with an escalating set of challenges, each backed up by relevant contextual training. Leaderboards and reward challenges allow both peer competition and the ability for training staff to offer real rewards associated with focussed progress. The game is available for IOS, Android and modern web browsers (see below).

SubTrack ‘90 is 70% complete, just requiring funding support for artistry of the gaming interface, leaderboard functionality, and some of the training content.

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Serge - Serious Gaming, Evolved

Serge is a web-based wargaming environment, used for the analysis and development of distributed tactical command and control scenarios.

Serge allows a Game Designer to design a wargame comprising:

A number of forces, each comprising a number of roles, and optionally including platforms/assets belonging to that force.

A set of channels (chat-rooms), with specific role participants, with either plain chat messages, or formatted message structures

Once a wargame is in place, players login to their assigned roles, and the turn-based wargame is conducted. After players produce their force plans for the next cycle, a white/umpire force resolves a new state-of-the-world, resolving engagements as necessary.

All messages are logged for subsequent analysis, and wargames can be restarted at any past point - for players to reconsider plans of action.


The Pepys library provides tools to populate and administer a relational database of tactical data.

An API is provided that does the leg work in parsing data from text data-files, then committing it to the database. Additional functionality is able to produce a copy of the input file that uses highlighting to report how the data was processed. Database integrity is maintained through the use of a conversational interface that efficiently enables analysts to specify supporting metadata (such as pennant-number and nationality of warships, or the protective marking on a datafile).

Once the data is loaded, an admin application is used to manage the data, shielding analysts from the complexities of database management. The admin tool is able to export snapshots for offline deployments, then merge data collected on deployment back into the master database.

The robust command-line interface provided for both Pepys-Import and Pepys-Admin makes heavy use of numeric options with intelligent default, allowing proficient analysts to quickly move through complex tasks.

Fleet Narrative tool

Having been entrusted with development of the Fleet Narrative Tool for the Royal Navy since the mid 90’s, the Deep Blue C team have recently upgraded the software to give Office 2000 compliance, together with a feature rationalisation that will allow the narrative-keeper to focus on essential events.

Support for surface narrative-keeping is complete, and it is hoped that support for submarine operations will follow, supported by input from relevant SMEs. In the future Deep Blue C hopes to utilise increased connectivity to grow the exploitation of command narrative data, allowing sister platforms to register (subscribe) to particular event types. This zero-overhead sharing of status information will improve group situational awareness, using standard web technologies.

As a technical demonstrator, in 2010 Deep Blue C developed a technical demonstrator for web-based narrative keeping. Have a look here. Once the page has opened, try adding 100 narrative entries (Generate 100, from the Utilities menu). You can double-click narrative entries by double-clicking on them, or add new ones from the toolbar.

In 2015 Deep Blue C investigated what a "new take" on a narrative editor could look like. A palette of dynamic controls on the right-hand side are used to both track activity on board, and to trigger new events. Each time a new event is triggered a time-stamepd pending entry is added to the bottom of the left-hand timeline. Note how the timeline entries can be filtered, and then exported to PDF. Play with the demonstrator here. For an alternate perspective on the data that focusses more on the timeline, experiment with expanding the timeline (using the arrow at the top), then double-clicking on a category of entry on the right-hand side to choose new events.

Fleet Lessons Managementsystem

In 2003 Deep Blue C developed the first web-based lessons management system in the UK for the Royal Navy, for a very important FLEET customer. DBC succeeded in reaching a hard deadline on a short timescale. To date the system has handled over 20,000 lessons, supporting over 1,000 registered users. The body of lessons has become fully embedded into FLEET business processes.

Ships returning from deployment universally recognised FLMS as the most effective issue resolution strategy. Deep Blue C has provided ongoing maintenance, and Knowledge Management business process support to the rotating uniformed process owners and administrators. This also ensured accountability, audit, and acting as front-line champion remained at the forefront in a resource constrained environment.

Ian Mayo also represented the Fleet Lessons organisation at a series of International Lessons Learned Conferences, including a start-of-day Keynote Speech at the 2008 International Lessons Learnt Conference hosted by the Singapore Armed Forces. In true cradle to grave support fashion Deep Blue C also ported all of the data to the defence-wide system adopted by the UK MoD in 2013.

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