We champion Open Source development. As a result all our products:

Are free to use, forever. You can fund development of new capabilities that are of value to you, but you never have to pay for existing features or capabilities.

Are easy to use, focussing on helping the user get the job done. You concentrate on delivering business value, let the software handle the clerical tasks.

Suffer no vendor lock-in. Where feasible, all Deep Blue C source code is shared on the Internet, remaining free to use for any purpose, commercial or not. Any organisation can be invited to quote for maintenance based on the published source code.

Have highly documented manuals and training processes. The software is being developed to empower you, and we make sure you can get the hang of it as fast as possible, and have the best possible support both in getting started and along your journey.

Follow a transparent development process. You take an active role in the development process, because at it’s heart the new software is part of an organizational change, and we want you, your organization and your collective contextual understanding & wisdom as involved with the process as possible.

Are highly customizable, and can be tailored for individuals and organizations. Our modern, modular architectures and mature usability skills ensure you get exactly what you need, and don’t get swamped by new features.


Our Goals


Couch DB
Eclipsee Foundation
JTS Topology Suite
Geo Tools
Couch DB
Eclipsee Foundation
Geo Tools

Business Domains

Maritime Operations

Maritime tactical development, Maritime operational analysis

Anti Submarine Warfare

Search, Evasion, Target Motion Analysis, Sonar Performance

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Capture, Sharing, Exploitation, including Lessons Learned


Deep Blue C Created
Company created (as PlanetMayo Ltd), and contracted to Royal Navy to develop Project Management system and support Debrief.
Web-based lessons learned system
Developed Fleet Lessons Management System , the UK’s first web-enabled defence lessons learned system. This innovative application was developed in only 3 months, including two customer UI review seminars.
Release of Debrief NG (Next Generation)
Upgraded Debrief from standalone Swing application to workbench application sitting on Eclipse framework.
Single Sided Reconstruction
Introduced Single Sided Reconstruction capabilities to Debrief, to allow derivation of third-party track when insufficient data available.
ISO 9001 accreditation
The company achieved ISO 9001 accreditation for its Quality Management System.
Admiralty Charts in Debrief
Worked with UK Hydrographic Office to provide Admiralty Chart backdrops to Debrief users.
FATS/4 Accreditation
The company was assessed as being of sufficient quality and authority to become an approved MoD supplier under the FATS/4 procurement framework.
SubTrack 90 developed
Developed web-based passive sonar training application (SubTrack 90), aimed at raising base level skillsets for sonar operators.
Office 2000 compliant narrative tool
Performed complete rewrite of Fleet Narrative Tool from VBA to VB.Net, to fill Office 2000 compliant capability gap.
New reference dataset for Debrief
Added Natural Earth dataset support to Debrief, tidily replacing the legacy VPF & ETOPO datasets
DSTL R-Cloud Frameworks
Based on a great delivery track record the company became an accredited research supplier to DSTL in 3 of the 5 subject domains.


ISO 9001

Deep Blue C has been ISO 9001 accredited since September 2011.

We are particularly pleased to have achieved ISO 9001 certification as it underlines our commitment to our customers and our focus on quality. Not many customers get to see their suppliers’ ‘back-office’ activities, but this recognition provides independent verification that we can provide a quality solution from quotation to delivery.

ISO 9001 certification

MoD FATS/4 & FATS/D&E Accreditation

In 2012, and 2015 we received FATS/4 and FATS/D&E procurement accreditations. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) uses FATS to procure specialist technical support to its defence equipment programmes to support MoD Project Teams and other Government Departments and Public Bodies.

We’re accredited to deliver these services:

Electrical and Mechanical

Through Life Support

Front Line/Operational Information Technology


DSTL R-Cloud

In 2015 Deep Blue C registered in the DSTL R-Cloud framework within the Platform Systems, C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), and CT & S (Counter-terrorism & security) capability areas.

DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory), which is part of the UK MoD, has established commercial frameworks for Science and Technology (S&T) research contracts, known as R-Cloud (Research Cloud). R-Cloud offers direct access to DSTL current and future research requirements.

This framework will provide easy-to-use, direct access to current and future research requirements. It is currently being rolled out across all of DSTL capability areas.


Ian Mayo

Director & Head of Engineering, since 2000

Ian has studied and worked in the Marine Technology environment since 1987, and the defence domain since 1992. Back in 1990 he developed the predecessor to the modern electronic navigational chart as part of his Master of Philosophy research Degree from the University of Plymouth, UK.

Since then he has worked on surface and submarine command systems, oceanographic support systems, and developed a range of tools related to the development, management and analysis of maritime exercises using both web and desktop technologies. He also spent 10 years at the pointy end of the Royal Navy’s Fleet Lessons Management System (FLMS) from it’s inception in 2003 to porting the data to the UK’s defence-wide solution in 2013. Along the way he gave knowledge management and business process support to the rolling uniformed lessons management team, participating in (and presenting to) several international conferences.

Ian created Deep Blue C Technology Ltd (formerly known as PlanetMayo Ltd) in 2000 to allow him to undertake larger challenges, and solve interesting problems across a wider market using a rich network of trusted partners.

Saul Hidalgo

Senior Java Developer since 2018

Saul is a senior C++, Java and .Net Software Developer working with National Security, Defense, Oil and Cement companies. He’s also taught at the Laboratory of Algorithms and Data Structures at Simon Bolivar University.

Saul helped port the PPTX exportable format for Debrief Recording. He’s also implemented functionalities like SVG support, MSI Installer, Scripting using Eclipse Ease, and Database Import among others. He’s a big part of the Debrief Lite team.

Ayesha Abdulla

Senior Java Developer since 2018

Ayesha graduated as an electronics engineer and spent time in psychological testing, mobile phone carrier aggregation, metrics, and security. She was on the founding engineering team of Athena Security, which was later acquired by a US based security company.

Ayesha’s made significant contributions to the user interface of Debrief and Debrief Lite, particularly in spearheaded the move to Flamingo Ribbon for the Menus and Toolbars in Debrief Lite.

Helen Ayele

QA specialist since 2018

Helen is an experienced software Quality Assurance Specialist. She’s worked as both manual and automation tester in the financial services industry for over 6 years. She’s skilled in Java, Angular, Html, CSS, Selenium WebDriver, RCPTT, QF-Test, and SQL Databases.

Today Helen helps Deep Blue C with its quality control through manual testing of all software changes prior to approval, together with holistic testing prior to release.

Celine Lenoble

UX Designer since 2019

Celine has a background in Geography and Anthropology. Today she specializes in UX for machine learning applications.

Celine was instrumental to developing the Debrief-lite UI, working on information architecture, interactions, and wireframes. She also did a full audit of the Debrief UX, and worked on the UI (user flow, wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes) of Serge.

Rahib Maruf Iftekhar

Business Strategy Consultant since 2014

Rahib is a specialist in business strategy with 8+ years of sales and marketing experience in finance, business services, ecommerce and software companies.

Rahib provided great support in the 2014/2015 makeover of the Debrief analysis tool, providing support in marketing content and developing the brand identities of both Debrief and Deep Blue C.

Yana Khlaponina

Graphic Developer since 2018

Yana graduated in Computer Science and spent 6 years as a front end developer before specializing in front end graphic design.

She’s made major contributions to Debrief’s look and feel, including SVG icons for Debrief, and Serge, as well as the Debrief Lite, and Pepys library logos. She also developed static websites for Debrief and Deep Blue C.

Dr. Robin Wilson

Senior Python developer since 2020

Robin holds a PhD in Atmospheric Remote Sensing. He has a fellowship at the Software Sustainability Institute.

Robin is a major programmer on the Pepys project. His specialties are processing geographical data, and Python for data heavy applications.

Robin led a UN science team during the 2015 Nepal earthquake and won the Global Mobile Awards in 2016. He’s also an expert at satellite image atmospheric correction.