My name is Ian Mayo, and I have a Degree in Marine Technology, and have worked as a software engineer in the UK since 1992. I’ve run a small software company since 2000.

The company was originally called PlanetMayo, but in Jan 2015 I renamed it to Deep Blue C Technology Ltd.

My company develops software that is mostly used in the analysis of experiments at sea. The experiments may be analysed by government, industry, or individuals, and may involve aircraft, helicopters, ships, or submarines.


My preferred methods of communication are by Instant Messaging in Google Hangouts, and email. I work UK business hours. By arrangement, I can be available between 06:00 and 21:00, or at the weekends.

My Google Hangouts id is

I do have a Skype account, but I really dislike Skype.


It is to my benefit if a freelancer is working on something that personally interests them.

So, if you really want to trial or demonstrate a particular technology/technique, then please share it with me, and I’ll see if there’s a task that can be placed on you that also meets the relevant project’s strategic objectives.

General Working

I mostly use Google Drive for planning & design documents. If you’re going to produce a document for one of my projects, please ask me to create it for you. I’ll create the document in the relevant folder, and give you a link.

I have a favoured graphic designer – so if you need new icons/symbols/graphics then please pass the requirement on to me, and I’ll get it produced.

My projects all work to a Code of Conduct. You can read it here.

Software Development

Where possible, my projects are Open Sourced, and managed at

My projects are mostly long-term commitments. So, unless in exceptional circumstances specified by me, I value a high quality professional approach to working.

This includes the production of clear software requirements, & design documents. These don’t have to be big, heavy commitments, but should be sufficient to allow conversation & review.

I also value Test Driven Development, and aspire to greater code coverage in my software.


Most of Deep Blue C freelancing is through

I have a strong preference for using the UpWork automatic time logging, since I find great value in the screenshots that get captured. This allows me to get a feel for progress, without having to interrupt the freelancer.

On occasion, it may be necessary to use manual logging of work – if paper-based, or non PC-based work is done. But, I can only accept this if it is discussed in advance.

Always feel free to talk to me if you’re struggling with anything at all, I work hard to treat my freelancers fairly and with respect.